We continue to expand our flavouring portfolio.

The trend towards natural products is growing. That’s why more than 50% of our portfolio consists of all-natural flavourings. This also includes a range of FTNF flavours. In future, we will continue to expand our portfolio with natural flavourings and also offer a natural version of all existing flavours.

Our assortment of diacetyl-free flavourings has also been expanded. We also offer a selection of more than 60 flavourings here as well. As much as possible, we attempt to avoid ethanol-based products so that we can offer 100 % alcohol-free products. We also attempt to continually expand the range of TPD2-compliant flavourings in order to offer you, as our customer, a wide variety for the production of your e-liquids.

But that’s not all: We have also significantly expanded our range of oil-soluble food flavours. Therefore as a producer, your company can now add our flavourings to all kinds of oils (e.g. hemp oil), chocolate, vitamins or other oil-soluble products.

With our varied and constantly expanding assortment of flavourings, we’ve got the right flavouring for every application and season.

Thanks to the expansion of our flavouring portfolio, we serve you as a reliable flavouring partner for a wide range of product applications: food flavours for ice cream, dairy products, sweets, beverages, tea, sports food, supplements, pet food and much more.

Contact us and tell us about your current project – we look forward to hearing from you!