Everything your heart desires: Both as a private label solution and as a raw material, we are now offering an even more extensive portfolio of vitamins.

  • Vitamins as a Private Label

When it comes to our vitamin drops, there are virtually no limits. Together with our customers, we can continue to go above and beyond. We offer a broad selection of vitamins – from single vitamins like D3, B12, K2 up to vitamin complexes, for which we are able to mix any vitamins of our choice. When it comes to oil-soluble vitamins, we rely on high-quality MCT oil that improves the absorption of the vitamins in our body.

With our philosophy that functional products must also taste good, we of course also offer the possibility of enriching all vitamin drops with natural flavours and extracts. Just imagine passion fruit D3 drops: summer in a bottle, even in the depths of winter. The vitamin drops can either be consumed directly or added to beverages and meals.

The concentration and number of daily doses can be freely selected. It is also completely up to you whether you wish to go for drops or pipettes. Through laboratory analyses, we ensure that the declared vitamin concentrations per daily dose are adhered until the expiration date of our products. Therefore, the effect of the vitamins doesn’t diminish.

  • Vitamins as Ingredients

We also offer all vitamins as ingredients for your production. To simplify launching a new product, we already offer our full vitamin portfolio beginning at 500g.

Where necessary, we are happy to send samples so that you can experience our products and their quality first hand.

Please feel free to contact us for your project. We look forward to it!