Nutraceuticals – What is that?

There are now countless nutraceuticals on the market. But what is actually behind the term nutraceutical?
The term is a combination of the words nutrition and pharmaceutical, and is generally used to describe products that contain food or components of food with a medicinal or health benefit. Nutraceuticals can contain a wide variety of raw materials, including traditional medicinal plants, spices, vitamins, dietary fibers and functional foods.

New standard product concepts for your product:

The development of a nutraceutical is often associated with some challenges and hurdles, especially if you want to make health claims about your product. We have therefore developed standard product concepts for the following categories to support you in the development of your own nutraceuticals:

  • Beauty
  • Energy
  • Fat-Burn
  • Focus
  • Heart Health
  • Joints
  • Immune
  • Gut Health
  • Post Workout
  • Sleep

These standard product concepts contain various selected ingredients, such as herbal extracts, vitamins and minerals, which are designed in their effect on the corresponding category. In addition, the products have been enhanced in terms of taste. There are variants for direct consumption, as well as products for ingestion with liquid.
However, the exact composition is not set in stone. The standard product concepts can be adapted and individualized according to your wishes, so that your own nutraceutical corresponds exactly to your ideas.

Would you like to launch your own, completely new nutraceutical on the market, but do not yet know exactly how you would like to design your product? Then feel free to contact us!